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Design is the basis of urban planning and technology-led planning solutions and designing tools are the key enablers for architects, planners, and construction professionals to plan, draft, annotate and design. Autodesk is one firm that offers several tech-based planning and designing solutions. From greener buildings to smarter cities, the technology enables various government departments including urban development & town planning to plan & design better and transform cities.

Autodesk in partnership with Elets Technomedia Pvt. Ltd. is going to organise the Government Tech Summit, the first in the series of webinars, themed on “Empowering Town Planning through Digitalisation”.

The webinar aims to understand the trends and challenges faced by the government departments during the planning stage and adopting technology solutions. Also, the webinar will emphasis how Autodesk solutions can help them design, plan and deliver projects on time.

The summit will witness insightful deliberations from chief town planners, chief architects, urban planners, technical directors, and more esteemed personalities from the government sector.

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Topics of Discussion

Digitalisation of Town Planning

Leveraging Various Technologies in Augmenting Planning

Role of Autodesk in Strengthening Design & Architecture

How Can Public-Private Partnership Improve Urban Projects

What Tools & Technologies Autodesk Has to Offer to Better City Planning?

Who should attend?

   Officials from Urban Development departments

   Chief Town Planners

   Chief Architects

   Urban Planners

   Technical Directors

Key Speakers

Saibal Thakurata

Chief Town Planner
Urban Development and Municipal
Affairs Department,
Government of West Bengal

P P Singh

Chief Town Planner,
Town and Country
Planning Department
Government of Haryana

Shashi Mohan Srivastava

Chief Town Planner, Town and
Country Planning Department
Government of Uttarakhand

Harinder Arora

Chief Architect,
Housing and Urban
Development Department,
Government of Jammu & Kashmir

Surindra Sommella

State Town Planner,
Chandigarh Administration

Karam Chand Nanta

State Town Planner,
Town and Country Planner,
Town and Country Planning Department,
Government of Himachal Pradesh

Nikhil Bagalkotkar

APAC Technical Head,
AEC Business,